Call Number (LC) Title Results
E 1.28:UCID-18266 Energy storage systems for automobile propulsion : 1978 study workshop : summary and conclusions / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18267 A preliminary evaluation of the BIODOSE computer program / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18268 The effect on shock sensitivity of fluorine in the explosive molecule / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18270 Identification, detection, and validation of vibrating structures : a signal processing approach / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18271 Application of time domain paret to the measured responses of a building / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18272 The zoom transform as a preprocessor for paret / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18274 Small-scale experimental tests of tandem mirror machines with thermal barriers / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18276 LLL-UHMLE : maximum likelihood estimates for the general normal mixture, preliminary user's guide / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18283 LLL results on round robin analytical testing of polysiloxane gums / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18288 Biogeochemical studies of wintering waterfowl in the Imperial and Sacremento Valleys / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18300/pt. 1 LLL K Division nuclear test effects and geologic data base : glossary and parameter definitions (U) / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18305 The power-law thermal model for blackbody sources / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18487 Multigrid methods : an alternate viewpoint / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18488 An assessment of the injectability of conditioned brine produced by a reaction clarification-gravity filtration system in operation at the Salton Sea Geothermal Field, Southern California / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18491 Hard surface photomasks with micron and submicron linewidths / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18494/pt Conflict simulation laboratory - II / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18495 Determination of the radius of a self-pinched beam from its energy integral / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18500 Nozzle model of flowing plasma with field reversal / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18503 Oil shale project run summary for small retort run S-14 / 1
E 1.28:UCID-18504 The Chabot Observatory remote sensing experiments (CORSE) : progress 1978-79 / 1