Call Number (LC) Title Results
DT377 .G574 1969 Journal of three years' residence in Abyssinia. : Preceded by an introd., geographical and historical, on Abyssinia / 1
DT377 .H67 1835i Travels in Ethiopia, above the second cataract of the Nile exhibiting the state of that country, and its various inhabitants, under the dominion of Mohammed Ali; and illustrating the antiquities, arts, and history of the ancient kingdom of Meroe / 1
DT377 .H83 Abyssinia and its people, or, Life in the land of Prester John / 1
DT377 .L61 Ménélik et nous : Le carrefour d'Aden. La route d'Addis-Ababâ. Je suis l'hôte du Négus. Vers le Nil bleu. France et Abyssinie. 1
DT377 .M47 Sport in Abyssinia 1
DT377 .O71 Une visite à l'empereur Ménélick Notes et impressions de route. 1
DT377 .P25 1854 Life in Abyssinia : being notes collected during three years' residence and travels in that country / 1
DT377 .P43 2014eb The life and adventures of Nathaniel Pearce : written by himself, during a residence in Abyssinia from the years 1810-1819 : together with Mr Coffin's account of his first visit to Gondar. 1
DT377 .P73 1868 Travels in Abyssinia and the Galla country with an account of a mission to Ras Ali in 1848 / 1
DT377 .R3 Traveller extraordinary : the life of James Bruce of Kinnaird / 1
DT377 .V363 2015 Une expédition avec le Négous Ménélik : Vingt mois en Abyssinie. 1
DT377 .W44 'Twixt sirdar & Menelik : an account of a year's expedition from Zeila to Cairo through unknown Abyssinia / 1
DT377 .W78 1969 A visit to Abyssinia : an account of travel in modern Ethiopia / 1
DT378 Seal san Aetóip : Sa Tóir ar Áirc an Chonartha. 1
DT378 .A52 Guide book of Ethiopia. 1
DT378 .A5413 Tandalla : a Danish game warden's study of native and wild life in Kenya and Tanganyika / 1
DT378 .B3 1935 Unknown Ethiopia : new light on darkest Abyssinia; originally published under the title, "Savage Abyssinia" / 1
DT378 .B79 1957 The fountain of the sun : unfinished journeys in Ethiopia and the Ruwenzori. 1
DT378 .B8 1950 Travels in Ethiopia. 1
DT378 .B8 1957 Travels in Ethiopia / 1