Call Number (LC) Title Results
DS349.8 .I5 1983i Indian Ocean, five island countries 1
DS349.8 .I5 1995 Indian ocean : five island countries / 1
DS349.8 .I5 1995i Indian Ocean five island countries / 1
DS349.8 .I53 Indian Ocean, five island countries / 1
DS349.9.C42 The Last Colony A Tale of Exile, Justice, and Courage. 1
DS349.9.C42 A56 2019 Another paradise / 1
DS349.9.C42 J44 2011 Chagos Islanders in Mauritius and the UK : Forced displacement and onward migration. 2
DS349.9.C42 P54 2004 DVD Stealing a nation 1
DS349.9.C42 P54 2018 Stealing a nation / 1
DS349.9.D53 P37 1985 Diego Garcia : towards a zone of peace / 1
DS349.9.D53 S36 2009 United States and Britain in Diego Garcia the future of a controversial base / 1
DS349.9.F93 1672 The flaming islands, or, A full description and account of the strange and terrible fire, lately broke out of the ground, in the island Fyal, in threescore and ten several places. As also in some other neighbouring islands, to the destruction of most of the inhabitants, and unexpressible terror and affrightment of those that by flight escaped its dismal effects. 1
DS349.9.K43 H46 2022 Misadventures in nature's paradise : Australia's Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas Island during the Dutch era / 1
DS349.9.K47 K3813 2000 The arch of Kerguelen : voyage to the Islands of Desolation / 1
DS349.9.M343 Archaeological Investigations of the Maldives in the Medieval Islamic Period : Ibn Battuta⁰́₉s Island. 1
DS349.9.M344 .W67 2010 Maldives Society & Culture Complete Report : an All-Inclusive Profile Combining All of Our Society and Culture Reports. 1
DS350 South Asian studies journal of the Society for South Asian Studies (incorporating the Society for Afghan Studies). 1
DS350 .A374 Afghanistan Journal 1
DS351 .A43 1998 Afghanistan / 1
DS351 .A43 2004 Afghanistan / 1