Call Number (LC) Title Results
DR534.3 .R44 A Relation of the siege of Candia from the first expedition of the French forces under the command of M. de la Fucillade, Duke of Roannez, to it surrender, the 27th of September, 1669 / 2
DR534.4 T7 A true and perfect list, of all the forces sent by his most Christian majesty, aboard his men of warr and gallies, upon the expedition for the relief of Candia this present year, 1669. 1
DR536 Count Taaffe's letters from the imperial camp, to his brother the Earl of Carlingford here in London giving an account of the most considerable actions, both before, and at, the raising of the siege at Vienna, together with several remarkable passages afterward, in the late victorious campagne against the Turks in Hungary : with an addition of two other letters from a young English nobleman, a voluntier in the imperial army. 1
DR536 .B38 Double eagle and crescent : Vienna's second Turkish siege and its historical setting / 1
DR536 B754 1683 A brief account from several places, of a signal victory obtained against the Turks, and raising the siege of Vienna, by the Emperour, the King of Polland, and the rest of the Confederat princes. 1
DR536 .F64 The Following lines are engraven in the Roman language in letters of gold upon the gates of Vienna in honour of those illustrious hero's and in perpetual memory of the late famous victory obtained over the Turks before the walls of Vienna. 2
DR536 .H87 1983 Hussars and the Crescent : a loan exhibition commemorating the three hundredth anniversary of the Polish relief of Vienna, December 2-4, 1983 : accompanied by a special program of lectures, recitals, and slide presentations. 1
DR536 .J68 Journal, or, A most particular account of all that passed in the late seige of Vienna 2
DR536 .K3 Kara Mustafa vor Wien : das türkische Tagebuch der Belagerung Wiens 1683, verfasst vom Zeremonienmeister der Hohen Pforte / 1
DR536 .L3 A letter from Count Teckely to the Salamanca doctor, giving an account of the siege of Vienna, and the state of the Ottoman army. 1
DR536 .L47 1683 A Letter from an eminent merchant in Constantinople to a friend in London giving an exact relation of the great and glorious cavalcade of Sultan Mahomet the fourth, present emperour of the Turks, as he marched out of Constantinople, for the invasion of Christendome, and the siege of Vienna. 1
DR536 .L6 Türkenjahr 1683 : das Reich im Kampf um den Ostraum. 1
DR536 .M43 A defiance and indiction of war sent by Sultan Mahomet IV to Leopald, Emperour of Germany, whereby he does determine the confusion and ruin of the empire, and of the princes of Christendom, and the destruction of Vienna the imperial city.
A letter sent by the Grand Visier to the Duke of Lorrain, in his camp at Zaluock, on the eighteenth of September, 1687 in which he earnestly entreats for peace.
DR536 .P3 1683 A particular relation of the raising of the siege of Vienna, and the defeat of the Turkish army on the 12th of September, 1683. 1
DR536 .R45 1684 A relation of whatsoever has happen'd in Germany since the descent of the Turks into Hungary, 'till the raising of the siege of Vienna. 1
DR536 .S56 A Short but true account of the death of the grand visier strangled at Belgrade by the command of the grand seignior, with some reasons that induc'd him thereto : in a letter to a friend. 2
DR536 .S76 The Siege of Vienna / 1
DR536 .S77 1683 A true copy of a letter from Count Starembergh, to the Duke of Lorraine, concerning the present condition of Vienna. 1
DR536 .T7 1684 A true and exact relation of the great victory obtained by General Schults over Count Teckely in the Upper Hungaria, on the 20th of Septemb. 1684. Together with an account of the battle between the Duke of Lorraine and the Serasquier Bassa before Buda. 1
DR536 .T78 A True and exact description of the city of Vienna together with the encampment of the Turks, and the relation of the most memorable passages during the late siege.
True news of a bloody fight upon the 7th of December last past between the Turks and the Christians wherein the Turks army was totally routed, one hundred thousand being killed upon the place, four leagues being covered with blood and dead bodies.
A True and particular relation of the victory obtained by the Christian armies against the Turks at Barkan, the ninth of October, 1683