Call Number (LC) Title Results
D 103.24/2:SL-81-1 Design of dowels for anchoring replacement concrete to vertical lock walls / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-82-3 A review of methods for concrete removal / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-82-4 Investigation of the Rapid Analysis Machine (RAM) for determining the cement content of fresh concrete / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-82-9 Annotated bibliography : polymers in concrete / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-84-1 Concrete behavior under dynamic tensile-compressive load / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-84-8 Selected bibliography on construction methods for architectural concrete and portland-cement plaster / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-84-9 How to avoid deficiencies in architectural concrete construction / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-84-12 Reactivity of quartz at normal temperatures / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-84-17 No-slump roller-compacted concrete (RCC) for use in mass concrete construction / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-84-21 Cement composition and concrete durability in sea water / 1
D 103.24/2:SL-86-10 Variations in cementitious media / 1
D 103.24/2:Y-87-1 Corps of Engineers wetlands delineation manual 1
D 103.24/3:T 68 U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station translations / 1
D 103.24/4: Miscellaneous paper - United States, Waterways Experiment Station, Vicksburg, Miss. 1
D 103.24/4:1-809 Static and dynamic tests of buried unreinforced concrete arches / 1
D 103.24/4:1-810 The elastic response of buried cylinders in sand / 1
D 103.24/4:1-962 Data reduction techniques for analysis of wave propagation in dissipative materials / 1
D 103.24/4:1-963 Comparison of simulation and field tests of a buried concrete arch structure / 1
D 103.24/4:2-601 Nonuniform flow functions, circular section. 1
D 103.24/4:2-622 Emergency gate performance, McAlpine Lock, Ohio River, Kentucky : hydraulic prototype tests. 1