Call Number (LC) Title Results
CT788.R534 K46 2008 The man who made lists : love, death, madness, and the creation of Roget's Thesaurus / 1
CT788.R542 A34 1987 Further particulars / 1
CT788.R543 I54 1986 Rebel : the short life of Esmond Romilly / 1
CT788.R55 T6 Friends apart : a memoir of Esmond Romilly & Jasper Ridley in the thirties. 1
CT788.R56 A3 1995 Love's work / 1
CT788.R58 A3 Both ends of the candle : the autobiography of Sir E. Denison Ross / 1
CT788.R59 A3 The pendulum. 1
CT788.R6 A3 1995 Love's work / 1
CT788.R64 W45 2003 Charlotte & Lionel : a Rothschild love story / 1
CT788.R847 A4 1987 Letters of Conrad Russell, 1897-1947 / 1
CT788.S118 O83 2009 The bolter / 1
CT788.S12 A47 1978 Lady Sackville : a biography / 1
CT788.S164 N53 1988 A Victorian household / 1
CT788.S168 Africans in East Anglia, 1467-1833 / 1
CT788.S33 .S3 2010eb Of exile and music : a twentieth century life / 1
CT788.S379 F55 2015 Chasing lost time : the life of C.K. Scott Moncrieff : soldier, spy, and translator / 1
CT788.S43 A3 Recollections and impressions, / 1
CT788.S52 N37 1801 A narrative of the life of Sarah Shade : born at Stoke Edith, in the county of Hereford : containing many well authenticated and curious facts, more particularly during her voyage to the East Indies, in the New Devonshire Indiaman, in the year 1769, and in traversing that country in company with the army, at the sieges of Pondichery, Velore, Negapatam, &c. &c. : together with some extraordinary accounts of the ferocity of tigers, jackals, piah dogs, vultures, &c. / 1
CT788.S53 D3 Elizabethans errant : the strange fortunes of Sir Thomas Sherley and his three sons, as well in the Dutch Wars as in Muscovy, Morocco, Persia, Spain, and the Indies / 1
CT788.S53 (INTERNET) The trauailes of the three English brothers Sir Thomas Shirley Sir Anthony [Shirley] Mr. Robert [Shirley] : as it is now play'd by her Maiesties Seruants.
The three English brothers Sir Thomas Sherley his trauels, vvith his three yeares imprisonment in Turkie : his inlargement by his Maiesties letters to the great Turke : and lastly, his safe returne into England this present yeare, 1607 : Sir Anthony Sherley his embassage to the Christian princes : Master Robert Sherley his wars against the Turkes, with his marriage to the Emperour of Persia his neece.