Call Number (LC) Title Results
CT275.L344 S3 1957i White mother 1
CT275.L353 C7 Alexander Legge, 1866-1933 : the life story of a truly great American who loved and served his country well, who achieved world-wide distinction as an industrial leader, as a patriotic public servant and as the devoted friend and champion of all who till the soil / 1
CT275.L355 D4 1935a "King Lehr" and the gilded age / 1
CT275.L3567 A29 The Duchess from Brooklyn / 1
CT275.L3635 C53 2005 Clara Lemlich a strike leader's diary / 2
CT275.L3727 L94 2002 My dearest angel : a Virginia family chronicle, 1895-1947 / 1
CT275.L378 A3 920 O'Farrell Street / 1
CT275.L3834 A3 1998 Battlegrounds of memory / 2
CT275.L386 A3 One man's education. 1
CT275.L39 A3 Up stream : an American chronicle / 1
CT275.L39 A4 1929 Mid-channel : an American chronicle / 1
CT275.L415 L5 The generous miser; the story of James Lick of California / 1
CT275.L415 W6 James Lick, 1796-1876 : pioneer and adventurer, his role in California history. 1
CT275.L426 A3 2015 Polkas and pierogies : growing up in Detroit and places beyond / 1
CT275.L4343 A3 2011 Witness to an extreme century : a memoir / 1
CT275.L465 H5 The strong staff broken, and the beautiful rod; a discourse delivered before the members of the Second parish in Worcester, on the occasion of the death of the Hon. John Waldo Lincoln, who died Oct. 2, 1852. 1
CT275.L4695 A thousand miles of dreams : the journeys of two Chinese sisters / 1
CT275.L4695 W45 2006 A thousand miles of dreams : the journeys of two Chinese sisters / 2
CT275.L478 L5 Ray Frank Litman : a memoir. 1
CT275.L5 A3 1898 The story of my life, or, The sunshine and shadow of seventy years / 1