Call Number (LC) Title Results
CS71.P719 Platt lineage, the. 1
CS71.P719 1891 The Platt lineage : a genealogical research and record / 1
CS71.P7537 1975 Poingdestre-Poindexter : a Norman family through the ages, 1250-1977 / 1
CS71.P823 Y365 2017 Yankee Family. 1
CS71.P94 1934i William Preston of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and allied families 1
CS71.P952 Notes genealogical, biographical and bibliographical, of the prime family. 1
CS71.P952 1888 Notes genealogical, biographical and bibliographical, of the Prime family / 1
CS71 .R193 1972 The Randolphs of Virginia. 1
CS71.R262 1992 Cincinnati pioneers : the Rawson family, 1831-1991 / 1
CS71 .R284 1939 "The brotherhood of man" : in some of the families of: IV.--Reid; V. Gaston and VI.--Simonton,--in America / 1
CS71.R344 1974 Reid family, 1776-1974 / 1
CS71 .R386 1943 Reminiscences of his childhood, 1874-1884 / 1
CS71 .R386 1949 Reminiscences of the summer school Green-Acre, Eliot, Maine : of seasons there, of happenings there, and some of the people who went there and the things they did. 1
CS71 .R386 1954 A series of twelve of the preliminary architectural designs for a mausoleum for the Remey family. 1
CS71 .R386 1955 Reminiscencent [sic] of Colonel William Butler Remey : United States Marine Corps, 1842-1894, and Lieutenant Edward Wallace Remey, United States Navy. 1
CS71 .R386 1957 Houses in which the Remey family, their forebears, and their children have lived. 1
CS71 .R386 1957a The Remey family of the United States of America, 1654-1957. 1
CS71 .R386 1958 Reminiscences of his boyhood : life at the United States Navy Yard, Washington, D. C., 1884-1886 / 1
CS71 .R386 1958a The Remēum : place of commemoration and sepulture of the family of Rear Admiral George Collier Remey, United States Navy, and his wife Mary Josephine Mason, their descendants, forbears & friends. 1
CS71 .R3947 1983 Renshaw reflections / 1