Call Number (LC) Title Results
CS71.P362 P Pierson genealogical records / 1
CS71.P47 1916 New edition of the records of the family of Rufus Perkins of Rockingham and Chester, Vt., 1781 to 1803 : (see census of 1790-1800) : and his children, Moses, Rufus, Amasa, Betsey, and Silas, who settled in Addison, Rutland and Windsor Counties, Vermont, especially his son Rufus Perkins who settled in East Middlebury, Vermont, and grandson Rufus Lyman Perkins of East Middlebury and Rutland, Vermont : available records of the families of Moses, Amasa, Betsy and Silas have been added and the former record revised by later information / 1
CS71 .P48 1989 The ancestry of Anthony Morris Johnson / 1
CS71.P526 1899 Genealogy of Dr. Francis Joseph Pfeiffer of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and his descendants. : 1734-1899 / 1
CS71.P53 1889 Pierce genealogy. being the record of the posterity of Capt. Michael, John and Capt. William Pierce, who came to this country from England / 1
CS71.P625 1913 Pierrepont genealogies from Norman times to 1913 / 1
CS71.P635 Pierrepont genealogies. 1
CS71 .P7 1868 Genealogical sketch of the first three generations of Prebles in America with an account of Abraham Preble the emigrant, their common ancestor, and of his grandson Brigadier General Jedediah Preble, and his descendants. 1
CS71.P719 Platt lineage, the. 1
CS71.P719 1891 The Platt lineage : a genealogical research and record / 1
CS71.P7537 1975 Poingdestre-Poindexter : a Norman family through the ages, 1250-1977 / 1
CS71.P823 Y365 2017 Yankee Family. 1
CS71.P94 1934i William Preston of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and allied families 1
CS71.P952 Notes genealogical, biographical and bibliographical, of the prime family. 1
CS71.P952 1888 Notes genealogical, biographical and bibliographical, of the Prime family / 1
CS71 .R193 1972 The Randolphs of Virginia. 1
CS71.R262 1992 Cincinnati pioneers : the Rawson family, 1831-1991 / 1
CS71 .R284 1939 "The brotherhood of man" : in some of the families of: IV.--Reid; V. Gaston and VI.--Simonton,--in America / 1
CS71.R344 1974 Reid family, 1776-1974 / 1
CS71 .R386 1943 Reminiscences of his childhood, 1874-1884 / 1