Call Number (LC) Title Results
CRS-2014-DSP-0342 Summary Cost Data for Health Plans Available in Michigan's Exchange, 2014 Fact Sheet. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0343 Summary Cost Data for Health Plans Available in Delaware's Exchange, 2014 Fact Sheet. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0344 Summary Cost Data for Health Plans Available in Florida's Exchange, 2014 Fact Sheet. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0345 Summary Report FY2014 Supplemental Appropriations. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0346 Asylum Policies for Unaccompanied Children Compared with Expedited Removal Policies for Unauthorized Adults In Brief. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0347 Nonmarital Births An Overview. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0348 Gun Control Legislation in the 113th Congress 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0349 Missing and Exploited Children Background, Policies, and Issues. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0350 Legislative Actions to Repeal, Defund, or Delay the Affordable Care Act 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0351 Implementing the Affordable Care Act Delays, Extensions, and Other Actions Taken by the Administration. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0352 Appropriations and Fund Transfers in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0353 Primer on Disability Benefits Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0354 CMS Releases Medicare Physician Data Proceed with Caution : CRS Insight. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0355 Data Transparency in Medicare Physician Data and Health Care Quality : CRS Insight. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0356 Campus Sexual Assaults Issue Overview and Recent Developments : CRS Insight. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0357 Dilemma of the Camp Hurriya Residents CRS Insight. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0358 "Credible Fear" Claims by Central American Migrants CRS Insight. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0359 Caution Needed When Comparing VA and Private Sector Health Care CRS Insight. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0360 People from the United States Joining Groups Involved in the Syrian Civil War CRS Insight. 1
CRS-2014-DSP-0361 Heroin and Prescription Opioid Abuse Access to Naloxone to Treat Overdose : CRS Insight. 1