Call Number (LC) Title Results
CRS-2011-GVF-0383 Federal Deposit Insurance for Banks and Credit Unions 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0384 Presidential Appointments and Nominations Data from the 111th and 112th Congresses 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0385 Federal Government Assistance for American International Group (AIG) 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0386 Legislative Branch FY2011 Appropriations. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0387 Senate Administrative Officers and Officials A Brief Overview. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0388 TARP Assistance for the U.S. Motor Vehicle Industry Unwinding the Government Stake in GMAC. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0389 Economic Development Administration A Review of Elements of Its Statutory History. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0390 Can Contractionary Fiscal Policy Be Expansionary? 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0391 U.S. International Corporate Taxation Basic Concepts and Policy Issues. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0392 State Taxation of Internet Transactions 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0393 Formal Interagency Collaborative Arrangements and Activities 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0394 Tax Policy and Gasoline Prices 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0395 Interagency Collaborative Arrangements and Activities Types, Rationales, Considerations. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0396 The Amending Process in the House of Representatives 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0397 Tax Expenditures and the Federal Budget 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0398 The Debt Limit History and Recent Increases. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0399 Use of National Statuary Hall Assignment and Historic Events. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0401 Federal Stafford Act Disaster Assistance Presidential Declarations, Eligible Activities, and Funding. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0402 Political Status of Puerto Rico Options for Congress. 1
CRS-2011-GVF-0403 The Budget Reconciliation Process Timing of Legislative Action. 1