Call Number (LC) Title Results
CRS-1981-GOV-0018 Congressional Gold Medals 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0019 Elections Electoral College Reform. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0020 Congress Special Elections. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0021 Political Action Committees Their Evolution and Growth and Their Implications for the Political System. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0022 Election-Day Voter Polls Their Use by the Television Networks. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0023 Survey of Policy Positions Supported by the 1980 Republican National Convention That Would Require Congressional Action for Implementation 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0024 American National Government and Politics A Selected Introductory Bibliography. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0025 To Establish a Commission on More Effective Government A Background Report and Pro-Con Analysis. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0026 National Study Commissions Accomplishments and Lessons Learned. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0027 Lobby Act Reform 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0028 Urban Development Action Grants An Overview. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0029 Guide to the Conference Report on H.R. 3982, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1981 (Public Law 97-35) 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0030 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Historical and Policy Aspects. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0031 Organization and Functions of the Executive Departments 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0032 Senate Rules and Procedure Proposals for Change. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0033 Using Cumulated Rolling Samples To Integrate Census and Survey Operations of the Census Bureau An Analysis, Review, and Response. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0034 Federal Programs of Assistance to American Indians 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0035 Principal Characteristics of the Parliamentary System in Comparison with Those of the American 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0036 Press Notices on Disclosure Made Pursuant to the Federal Freedom of Information Act, 1972-1980 A Compilation. 1
CRS-1981-GOV-0037 Congressional Approval and Disapproval Resolutions, 1975-1980 1