Call Number (LC) Title Results
CMP-2013-SER-0017 Anatomy of the Sequester Republican Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0018 January 2013 Unemployment Report Republican Economic Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0019 Income Tax Hits 100 Republican Economic Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0020 Not "More Than Halfway" to Fiscal Stability Republican Budget Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0021 Questions for CIA Nominee Brennan Republican Defense Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0022 North Korea Continues To Test Obama's World View Republican Defense Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0023 Democrats' Ideas on the Sequester More Taxes, Republican Budget Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0024 SOTU Another "Pivot to Jobs," Republican Labor Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0025 Questions for Treasury Secretary Nominee Lew Republican Economic Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0026 Fed Monetary Assistance Not Easing Soon Republican Banking Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0027 Too Much Waste in Washington Republican Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0028 Obama Sequester Exacerbates Obama Defense Cuts Republican Defense Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0029 Health Care Policy Update Health Care Law's Premium Bills Come Due, Republican Health Care Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0030 Caitlin Halligan's Record of Activism Republican Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0031 Are Taxpayers Getting Their Money's Worth? Republican Economic Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0032 Parade of Pinocchios Republican Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0033 The Sequester Begins Republican Economic Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0034 Health Care Policy Update Taxing Health Insurance Makes It More Expensive, Republican Health Care Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0035 February 2013 Unemployment Report Republican Economic Policy. 1
CMP-2013-SER-0036 Washington Democrats Deny Fiscal Facts Republican Economic Policy. 1