Call Number (LC) Title Results
C 55.2:T 65 Emergency towing vessel interim report ; Emergency towing vessel supplemental report. 1
C 55.2:T 68 National program for continuing environmental monitoring for the marine leg of the trans-Alaska pipeline system. / 1
C 55.2:T 68/2 Spill trajectory analysis questions and answers. 1
C 55.2:T 68/3 Digital distribution standard for NOAA trajectory analysis information 1
C 55.2:T 69 Foreign travel seminar (civilian) 1
C 55.2:T 71 The nation's environmental data treasures at risk : report to Congress on the status and challenges for NOAA's environmental data systems. 1
C 55.2:T 78 The Thesis [i.e. Tsesis] oil spill : report of the first year scientific study (October 26, 1977 to December 1978) / 1
C 55.2:T 78/2 Tsunami - general slide set. 1
C 55.2:T 78/3/991 Tsunamis! 1
C 55.2:T 78/3/993 Tsunamis! 1
C 55.2:T 78/3/994 Tsunamis! 1
C 55.2:T 78/5 The Major Tsunamis of 1992--Nicaragua and Indonesia. 1
C 55.2:T 78/8 Tommy Tsunami (Soo-Nah-Mee) and Ernie Earthquake Coloring Book 1
C 55.2:T 78/9 Designing for tsunamis seven principles for planning and designing for tsunami hazards. 1
C 55.2:T 78/10 Tsunami data management an initial report on the management of environmental data required to minimize the impact of tsunamis in the United States / 1
C 55.2:T 78/13 Proceedings and results of the 2011 NTHMP Model Benchmarking Workshop. 1
C 55.2:T 78/14 Niuatoputapu tsunami : Tongan survivor accounts of the 2009 South Pacific earthquake and tsunami / 1
C 55.2:T 78/15 Pacific Tsunami Warning System : a half-century of protecting the Pacific 1965-2015 / 1
C 55.2:T 78/16 Puget Sound tsunami sources--2002 workshop report : a contribution to the inundation mapping project of the U.S. National Tsunami Hazard Mitigation Program / 1
C 55.2:T 78/17 Detecting Japan tsunami marine debris at sea : a synthesis of efforts and lessons learned. 1