Call Number (LC) Title Results
BV4817 .W4 1950A Attente de Dieu. : [Lettres et réflexions] / 1
BV4817 .W413 Waiting for God / 1
BV4817 .W45 2021 Waiting for God / 1
BV4817 .W54 The case of indifferent things used in the worship of God proposed and stated by considering these questions : Qu. I. Whether things indifferent, though not prescribed, may be lawfully used in divine worship? (or, whether there be any things indifferent in the worship of God?) Qu. II. Whether a restraint of our liberty in the use of such indifferent things be a violation of it?
Love's pedigree, or, A discourse shewing the grace of love in a believer to be of a divine original delivered in a sermon preached at a lecture in Boston, Febr. 29 1699/1700 /
BV4817 .W65 2015eb The God we worship : an exploration of liturgical theology / 1
BV4817 .W75 1660 A testimony for the son of man and against the son of perdition: wherein is set forth the faith and obedience of Gods elect, testified by the mouth of the Lord, angels, & men. With a true discovery of a bundle of equivocations, confusions, and hypocrisies, in those who call themselves preachers of and to the light within all men; who yet are so far in darkness themselves, that they acknowledge not the scriptures and ordinances of Jesus Christ, so as to be directed by the one, to the obedience of the other / 1
BV4817 ebook Adorar a Dios en la liturgia / 1
BV4818 Women and the Bible in early modern England religious reading and writing /
Touching, devotional practices, and visionary experience in the late Middle Ages /
BV4818 .A484 2011 After Arundel : religious writing in fifteenth-century England / 1
BV4818 .B79 2008 Looking inward : devotional reading and the private self in late medieval England / 1
BV4818 .B79 2008eb Looking inward : devotional reading and the private self in late medieval England / 2
BV4818 .B85 1953 The English primers, 1529-1545 : their publication and connection with the English Bible and the Reformation in England. 1
BV4818 .C7 1970 The Craft of dying : a study in the literary tradition of the Ars moriendi in England / 1
BV4818 .D3 1962 English spiritual writers / 1
BV4818 .D465 2019 Middle English devotional compilations : composing imaginative variations in late Medieval England / 1
BV4818 .H64 1998 Heinrich Toke und der WolfenbĂĽtteler "Rapularius" / 1
BV4818 (INTERNET) A monomachie of motiues in the mind of man, or, A battell betweene vertues and vices of contrarie qualitie Wherein the imperfections and weaknesses of nature appeare so naked, that anie reasonable soule may soone see by what spirit he is lead: herevnto also, besides sundrie deuout praiers necessarilie interlaced, diuers golden sentences of S. Barnard are annexed: and also a briefe conclusion of his vpon this theame, that victorie is obtained by resisting temptation. Newlie englished by Abraham Fleming. 1
BV4818 .M36 2006 Understanding the medieval meditative ascent : Augustine, Anselm, Boethius, & Dante / 1
BV4818 .M38 2010 Affective meditation and the invention of medieval compassion / 1
BV4818 .M38 2010eb Affective meditation and the invention of medieval compassion / 2