Call Number (LC) Title Results
BF385 .W77 2011eb Mnemonology : mnemonics for the 21st century / 3
BF385 .Y57 The magic of a mighty memory /
The magic of a mighty memory
BF395.S34 M37 1995 Schemas in problem solving / 2
BF406 .B82 The higher consciousness : a little introduction to Dr. Richard Maurice Bucke's "Cosmic consciousness" / 1
BF408 Sex, drugs, and creativity : searching for magic in a disenchanted world /
Critical thinking, idea innovation, and creativity /
The imagination of the mind in classical Athens : forms of thought /
Life and Art : the Creative Synthesis in Literature /
Systemic creative cognition : Bruno Latour for creativity researchers /
A theory of creative thinking : construction and verification of the dual circulation model /
La poétique de l'espace.
Methods and tools for creative competitive intelligence /
The invention of imagination : Aristotle, geometry, and the theory of the psyche /
Creativity, innovation, and change across cultures /
Muses, Mistresses and Mates : Creative Collaborations in Literature, Art and Life.
Creativity Research an Inter-Disciplinary and Multi-Disciplinary Research Handbook.
Explaining imagination /
The Really Useful Creativity Book /
A cognitive historical approach to creativity /
Portraits of the artist : psychoanalysis of creativity and its vicissitudes /
Teaching Signature Thinking : the Key to Classroom Creativity.
The creativity workbook for coaches and creatives : 50+ inspiring exercises from creativity coaches worldwide /
Creativity in Chinese contexts : sociocultural and dispositional analyses /
Rethinking creativity : inside-the-box thinking as the basis for innovation /
Creativity and humor /
Creativity and performance in industrial organization /
The creative process : perspectives from multiple domains /
The creative society : how the future can be won /
Creative endurance : 56 rules for overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals /
Creativity /
Innovation /
Kritische Kreativität : Perspektiven auf Arbeit, Bildung, Lifestyle und Kunst /
Routledge companion to creativity and the built environment /
Transcending imagination : artificial intelligence and the future of creativity /
Coaching the creative impulse : psychological dynamics and professional creativity /
Diccionario de creatividad : conceptos y expresiones para una comprensión de la creatividad /
Affect, creative experience, and psychological adjustment /
The creativity challenge : how we can recapture American innovation /
Imagination /
Creativity : fostering, measuring and contexts /
Searching for the American dream : how a sense of place shapes the study of history.
Managing creativity : a systems thinking journey /
Art, Myth and Deviance.
Imagination First : Unlocking the Power of Possibility.
Creative directions : Mastering the Transition from Talent to Leader /
Out of our minds : the power of being creative /
Careers for creative people : design and some real world advice from ridiculously talented individuals doing jobs they love /
How creativity rules the world : the art and business of turning your ideas into gold /
The creative process : stories from the arts and sciences /
The Psychology of Artistic Creativity : an Existential-Phenomenological Study.
The creative transformation of despair, hate, and violence : What we can learn from Madonna, Mick Jagger & Co /
Creativity and innovation : theory, research, and practice /
Design thinking research interrogating the doing /
Creativity in the design process : exploring the influences of the digital evolution /
Homo problematis solvendis-- problem-solving man : a history of human creativity /
Homo creativus the 7 C's of human creativity /
Imaginacion material.
Creativity, Design Thinking and Interdisciplinarity /
The creative self : effect of beliefs, self-efficacy, mindset, and identity /
Domain specificity of creativity /
The Creative Contrarian 20 Wise Fool Strategies to Boost Creativity and Curb Groupthink.
De la création en art et littérature /
Out of our minds
Let me out : unlock your creative mind and bring your ideas to life /
ARCHETYPAL ARTIST reimagining creativity and the call to create.
Sinn in der Kreativität finden /
The Power of Inner Pictures : How Imagination Can Maintain Physical and Mental Health /
Creative selves / creative cultures : critical autoethnography, performance, and pedagogy /
Everyday creativity and the healthy mind : dynamic new paths for self and society /
The necessity of strangers : the intriguing truth about insight, innovation, and success /
Careers for creative people : advertising: and some real world advice from ridiculously talented individuals doing jobs they love /
Creativity : seven keys to unlock your creative self /
The Expressive Instinct How Imagination and Creative Works Help Us Survive and Thrive.
More than Real : a history of the imagination in South India /
Creativity in the imagination age : theories, practice and application /
The creative fight : create your best work and live the life you imagine /
Psychoanalysis and the act of artistic creation : a look at the unconscious dynamics of creativity /
Ästhetiken in Kindheit und Jugend Sozialisation im Spannungsfeld von Kreativität, Konsum und Distinktion /
Creative practices for visual artists : time, space, process /
A beautiful anarchy : when the life creative becomes the life created /
Creativity : an interdisciplinary perspective /
Creativity in art, design and technology /
The coach's guide to completing creative work : top tips for working with procrastination, perfectionism and more /
Distributed creativity : thinking outside the box of the creative individual /
El espíritu creativo /
Creativity and anxiety : an uncertain relationship /
Theory and practice of creativity measurement /
Too fast to think : how to reclaim your creativity in a hyper-connected work culture /
Creativity, culture, and development /
Knowledge through imagination /
Art, aesthetics, and the brain /
Associations : Creative Practice and Research.
Multidisciplinary contributions to the science of creative thinking /
Creativity -- a sociological approach /
Encyclopedia of creativity, invention, innovation and entrepreneurship
Cultivating creativity in methodology and research : in praise of detours /
Three dimensional creativity : three navigations to extend our thoughts /
Creativity and innovation : cognitive, social, and computational approaches /
Error, ambiguity, and creativity a multidisciplinary reader /
Embrace your weird : a guided journal for facing your fears and unleashing creativity /
Make : Zero to maker : a beginner's guide to the skills, tools, and ideas of the maker movement /
Creative Acts for Curious People How to Think, Create, and Lead in Unconventional Ways.
Creativities : the what, how, where, who and why of the creative process /
Creativity, imagination and innovation : perspectives and inspirational stories /
The cult of creativity : a surprisingly recent history /
Organic creativity and the physics within /
Ästhetiken in Kindheit und Jugend Sozialisation im Spannungsfeld von Kreativität, Konsum und Distinktion /
Inspiracja /
The role of imagination in understanding leadership : the forgotten dimension /
Creative industries journal
Creativity & human development
BF408 .A23 1988 Assaulting Parnassus : theoretical views of creativity / 1
BF408 .A234 1997 The motives for creative work : an inquiry with speculations about sports and religion / 1
BF408 .A235 2019 The neuroscience of creativity / 2
BF408 .A28 2007 The art of creative thinking how to be innovative and develop great ideas / 1
BF408 .A28 2007eb The art of creative thinking : how to be innovative and develop great ideas / 1
BF408 .A28 2024 Active imagination in theory, practice and training : the special legacy of C.G. Jung / 1
BF408 .A288 2011eb John Adair's 100 greatest ideas for personal success / 2
BF408 .A3 1986 The care and feeding of ideas : a guide to encouraging creativity / 1
BF408 .A34 1999 Affect, creative experience, and psychological adjustment / 1
BF408 .A35 La aventura creadora : ensayos sobre algunos aspectos de la creación artística. 1
BF408 .A538 1996 The face of glory : creativity, consciousness and civilization / 1
BF408 .A54 2014 Narrative imagination and everyday life / 1
BF408 .A59 1981 Le corps de l'œuvre : essais psychanalytiques sur le travail créateur / 1
BF408 .A62 2006 The architecture of the imagination : new essays on pretence, possibility, and fiction / 1
BF408 .A64 Creativity : the magic synthesis / 2