Call Number (LC) Title Results
B1626.F5833 D87 2017 Ethics, law and the politics of information : a guide to the philosophy of Luciano Floridi / 1
B1626.F584 C73 1992 Creation, nature, and political order in the philosophy of Michael Foster (1903-1959) : the classic Mind articles and others, with modern critical essays / 2
B1626.F63 A7 1970 The aristos. 1
B1626.G441 B1626.G441G76 2003eb B1626.G443D48 2003eb The Devil in Modern Philosophy. 1
B1626.G441 G76 2003eb Selected philosophical themes
Cause and meaning in the social sciences
B1626.G443 D48 2003eb The Devil in modern philosophy 1
B1626.G443D48 2003eb B1626.G441 B1626.G441G76 2003eb Cause and Meaning in the Social Sciences. 1
B1626.G444 H35 2010 Ernest Gellner : an intellectual biography / 1
B1626 .G481 2014 A world without why / 1
B1626.G7 U67 1992 Unreason within reason : essays on the outskirts of rationality / 1
B1626.G74 H38 2018 Having a word with Angus Graham : at twenty-five years into his immortality / 1
B1632.A5 N482 2011 Works of Thomas Hill Green. 1
B1632.A5 N483 2011 Works of Thomas Hill Green. 1
B1632.A5 N484 2011 Works of Thomas Hill Green. 1
B1636 .R5 1964 The politics of conscience: T.H.Green and his age. 1
B1637 The Metaphysics of Self-realisation and Freedom. 1
B1637 .B75 2003 Perfectionism and the common good : themes in the philosophy of T.H. Green / 1
B1637 .F3 2018 The philosophy of Thomas Hill Green / 1
B1637 .G73 Thomas Hill Green and the development of liberal-democratic thought / 1
B1637 .P44 1986 The philosophy of T.H. Green / 1