Call Number (LC) Title Results
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-311 Regional and forest-level estimates of carbon stored in harvested wood products from the United States Forest Service Northern Region, 1906-2010 / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-313 Effectiveness of post-fire burned area emergency response (BAER) road treatments : results from three wildfires / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-314 A simple protocol using underwater epoxy to install annual temperature monitoring sites in rivers and streams / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-315 A wildfire risk assessment framework for land and resource management / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-316 Review of climate change impacts on future carbon stores and management of warm deserts of the United States / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-317 Multi-agency Oregon pilot working towards a national inventory and assessment of rangelands using onsite data / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-318 Logging utilization in Idaho current and past trends / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-319 Climate-FVS version 2 : content, users guide, applications, and behavior / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-320 Projecting climate change in the United States : a technical document supporting the Forest Service RPA 2010 Assessment / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-321 A landscape scale valley confinement algorithm delineating unconfined valley bottoms for geomorphic, aquatic, and riparian applications / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-322 A field guide for selecting the most appropriate treatment in sagebrush and piƱon-juniper ecosystems in the Great Basin evaluating resilience to disturbance and resistance to invasive annual grasses, and predicting vegetation response / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-323 Photographic guidance for selecting flow resistance coefficients in high-gradient channels / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-324 Freshwater resources in designated wilderness areas of the United States : a state-of-knowledge review / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-325 Historical and current fire management practices in two wilderness areas in the southwestern United States : the Saguaro Wilderness Area and the Gila-Aldo Leopold Wilderness Complex / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-326 Using resistance and resilience concepts to reduce impacts of invasive annual grasses and altered fire regimes on the sagebrush ecosystem and greater sage-grouse : a strategic multi-scale approach / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-327 Private forests, housing growth, and America's water supply : a report from the Forests on the Edge and Forests to Faucets Projects / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-328 Key concepts and methods in social vulnerability and adaptive capacity / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-329 National FIA plot intensification procedure report / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-330 Framework for Springs Stewardship Program and proposed action development : Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest / 1
A 13.88:RMRS-GTR-331 Climate, snowpack, and streamflow of Priest River Experimental Forest, revisited / 1