Call Number (LC) Title Results
378.788B H8721 The preparation of pure methanol and the measurement of its vapor pressure / 1
378.788B H8722m Music for an English translation of Oresteia / 1
378.788B H8723 Development and operation of the county unit system in New Mexico / 1
378.788B H8724r Report on the Missouri diversion dam / 1
378.788B H8737g The guidance program in the senior high school, Fort Dodge, Iowa / 1
378.788B H874 The development of attention from the third to the eighth grade of the elementary schools / 1
378.788B H8741 The fauna of selected areas near Arlington, Texas / 1
378.788B H8742 Educational provisions for gifted children / 1
378.788B H8743 History of public education in Kansas City, Missouri / 1
378.788B H8765d Development of the hyobranchial skeleton of the chick / 1
378.788B H877 Electrification of the proposed Moffat Tunnel / 1
378.788B H878 Electric power requirements of the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad over Tennessee Pass / 1
378.788B H8785s A study of the interests in homemaking activities of junior high school girls of Dodge City, Kansas, before and after having completed an introductory course in home economics / 1
378.788B H8788e Effect of fuel volatility on the performance of a continental model A-75 aircraft engine / 1
378.788B H879 A chemical study of aromatic spirit of ammonia / 1
378.788B H8791s A survey of speech difficulties in grades 1, 2, and 3 of the Boulder Public Schools, Boulder, Colorado / 1
378.788B H8815d Development of a practical course in internal combustion motors and power farm equipment / 1
378.788B H8816d The debates of Alexander Campbell in relation to the restoration movement / 1
378.788B H883 Diplomatic relations between the United States and Germany from 1898 to 1914 / 1
378.788B H8834u The ultraviolet absorption spectra of some halogenated ethylenes / 1