Call Number (LC) Title Results
378.788B H8815d Development of a practical course in internal combustion motors and power farm equipment / 1
378.788B H8816d The debates of Alexander Campbell in relation to the restoration movement / 1
378.788B H883 Diplomatic relations between the United States and Germany from 1898 to 1914 / 1
378.788B H8834u The ultraviolet absorption spectra of some halogenated ethylenes / 1
378.788B H8888v Vagotomy in the treatment of peptic ulcer / 1
378.788B H8995m A method for solving power flow problems in power transmission networks / 1
378.788B H9104d The development of Joseph Chamberlain's imperial policy / 1
378.788B H9108r The reputation of William Blake as an artist among his contemporaries / 1
378.788B H9116f The French security thesis in the general disarmament conferences, 1932-1933 / 1
378.788B H913 Galsworthy's London : the location and atmosphere of London settings in "The Forsythe saga" and "The modern comedy" / 1
378.788B H914 A study of the reference material in the high-school libraries of Kansas / 1
378.788B H9144t A teacher training program for instrumental music educators / 1
378.788B H916 Certain experiments in learning / 1
378.788B H9163i Intelligence and critical art ability / 1
378.788B H917 Types of women in modern drama : a study of modern plays in relation to the type of women presented / 1
378.788B H9171 A history of the administration of governor William H. Murray / 1
378.788B H9213h A history of the wing and drop type of stage setting in England / 1
378.788B H9225s Spillway structures / 1
378.788B H927 Design of a 175'-0" single track pin connected railroad bridge for Cooper's E-50 loading / 1
378.788B H9465e The Euclidean algorithm : historical background and applications / 1