Call Number (LC) Title Results
378.788B H7786r A review of two hundred electroencephalograms of criminals / 1
378.788B H787 Modes of textual presentation in educational psychology / 1
378.788B H7894 Social composition of secondary school boards in Illinois / 1
378.788B H7895 The life of David Holmes / 1
378.788B H7925t Teachers judgements with respect to twenty-six educational issues / 1
378.788B H797 Analysis of factors affecting marks in high school algebra / 1
378.788B H812 Analysis of a circular arch under uniform load / 1
378.788B H8144j The joint effect of sand grading and petroleum admixtures upon the air entrainment, the workability, and the flexural properties of concrete / 1
378.788B H8155l Landmarks in the development of physical education for girls and women / 1
378.788B H8165e Educational rehabilitation of physically handicapped citizens of Colorado / 1
378.788B H817 The evolution of law as an expression of the evolution of social control / 1
378.788B H8175a An analysis of unsteady liquid flow / 1
378.788B H818 Analysis of vocational interests of 1927 entering class, University of Colorado / 1
378.788B H834 A study of the initial status and improvement in the general science knowledge of seventh grade pupils / 1
378.788B H8342h The history of Imagism / 1
378.788B H837 The regenerative test of steel as an aid to the proper selection of raw materials for small heat treating plants / 1
378.788B H839h The historical poetry of the Elizabethan period / 1
378.788B H8393u The uses of records in small retail businesses / 1
378.788B H8398g A generalized theoretical study of the effect of boattail configuration on the wave drag of bodies of revolution moving at supersonic speeds / 1
378.788B H8435g Golden, Colorado : a study in urban geography / 1