Call Number (LC) Title Results
378.788B H8435g Golden, Colorado : a study in urban geography / 1
378.788B H846d Development of the Imperial Conference Movement to 1914 / 1
378.788B H854 The Rifle schools : a self-survey / 1
378.788B H8593h The historical development of theories of bank rate as an instrument for credit control / 1
378.788B H8594g The gas turbine cycles / 1
378.788B H8595a American contributions to the study of Chinese history / 1
378.788B H8596i Industrialization and foreign trade policy of China / 1
378.788B H8597s A study of stress distribution in a ring / 1
378.788B H8598r The revival of Japanese foreign trade / 1
378.788B H8599d Design considerations of power canal in hydroelectric development / 1
378.788B H861 Desert vegetation near Phoenix / 1
378.788B H8613h The history of public education in Longmont, Colorado / 1
378.788B H8615a American literature in British reviews, 1802-1832 / 1
378.788B H862 Obscure plumages / 1
378.788B H8624a The attitude of the United States government toward the Missouri border "ruffians", 1854-1861 / 1
378.788B H8651a An approach to a painting problem / 1
378.788B H866 Intelligence and attitudes of delinquent boys / 1
378.788B H8664 The state as the unit of support and control for public education in Delaware / 1
378.788B H87 The subjunctive mood of Suetonius : limited to the Augustus / 1
378.788B H8714 Treatment of nature in Traherne and Wordsworth / 1